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Patrick Jeurissen

Festival of Economics

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Patrick Jeurissen is a Professor in Fiscal Sustainable Health Care Systems at Radboud University Medical School and Science Officer of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports in the Netherlands.

Jeurissen is an expert on the design and implementation of policies that specifically address issues of sustainability and affordability of health care systems. He has co-authored some one-hundred scientific publications, and was a co-editor of two books on the subject; and he is also a sought as a speaker on international forums.

Jeurissen represents the Dutch government at the OECD and he is the chair of their working party on the patient reported indicator surveys (PaRiS). He also has been an advisor for the EU, WHO, OECD, and the governments of Switzerland, Austria and Finland on issues of healthcare reform and fiscal sustainability. His major interests are: strategic policymaking, health care finance and cost-containment policies, for-profit providers and payers, solidarity in health care systems, hospitals, and comparative health care system research. Currently his focus within these areas is on tertiary care, multimorbidity and administrative costs. He holds a PhD in health economics, his dissertation covers for-profit hospital ownership in the US, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, and holds an MPA, both from Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

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