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  • Festival of the Future City

    Ammar Azzouz

    Azzouz studied architecture in the city of Homs, Syria, where he was born and raised. Since the start of the Syrian Revolution, over half of the neighbourhoods of Homs has been destroyed. In 2011, he moved to the UK to complete his postgraduate studies and received his PhD from the University of Bath. He has […]

  • Bristol Ideas
    Julian Baggini

    Julian Baggini

    Writer and philosopher Julian Baggini’s books include The Ego Trick, Welcome to Everytown, What’s It All About? Philosophy and the Meaning of Life, The Pig That Wants to be Eaten, How the World Thinks: A Global History of Philosophy, Life: A User’s Manual: Philosophy for (Almost) Any Eventuality (co-written with Antonia Macaro), and The Godless Gospel: Was Jesus A Great Moral Teacher? He writes […]

  • Festival of Economics

    Kate Barker

    She is Chair of the Universities Superannuation Scheme and also chairs the Jersey Fiscal Policy Panel. Barker was an external member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee for three terms between 2001-2010. During that time, Barker was commissioned by the government to conduct a major independent policy review of UK Housing Supply, and […]

  • Festival of Economics

    Claer Barrett

    Barrett frequently appears as a commentator on radio and TV, talking about personal finance, consumer and small business issues, and she is a regular guest on Eddie Mair’s Drive show on LBC Radio.

  • Muniya Barua

    Before she joined BusinessLDN, Muniya’s previous senior roles include as Managing Director of Corporate Affairs at the award-winning public and communications agency Newington Communications and at the business lobby group, the CBI, where she held the roles of Director of Corporate Communications and Head of News.  Muniya began her career as a business reporter at the Liverpool Daily Post before going on to […]

  • Festival of Ideas
    Laura Bates credit Siggi Holm

    Laura Bates

    Laura Bates is a feminist activist and writer, regularly contributing to the Guardian and the New York Times amongst others and won a British Press Award in 2015. She works closely with politicians, businesses, schools, police forces and organisations from the Council of Europe to the United Nations to tackle gender inequality. She was awarded […]

  • Vanessa Beck

    She is a co-author of the 2017 UK government menopause report and has been researching and working with a range of organisations, including trade unions, universities, local authorities and health providers, to introduce support for those experiencing menopause transition.

  • Robyn Bennett

    Her work at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival aims to provide a stage, source of inspiration, and space for connection to the unsung heroes who are pushing the boundaries of public innovation – both those changing public institutions from within and those enabling better bureaucracy from the outside in by rewiring systems and supporting cultural change. […]

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