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Christine Farquharson

Festival of Economics

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Christine Farquharson is the Associate Director at the IFS, having joined in 2015 in the Education and Skills sector.

Her work focuses on understanding what factors shape children’s education and health; the inequalities between different groups; and how policy can help close these gaps and support children and young people to reach their full potential.

Farquharson leads IFS’s work on the spending and design of the early years system and is a regular commentator on early years and childcare policies in England. Other projects include evaluations of major programmes like Sure Start; understanding how the workforce shapes the effectiveness of parenting programmes; modelling the relationships between childcare, parents’ work decisions and child development; and examining how government policy shapes families’ decisions about what food to buy. Farquharson contributed to the IFS Deaton Review’s chapter on educational inequalities, and she previously edited the IFS Green Budget for three years.

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