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Charles Landry

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Charles Landry is the inventor of the Creative Bureaucracy concept and co-founder of the Festival in Berlin. He is the author of The Civic City in a Nomadic World, a book which looks at human nature in the context of modern society and asks questions about belonging and purpose.

Charles invented the Creative City concept in the late 1980s. His company Comedia was founded in 1978 comprising then of a group of people who developed projects concerned with city life, culture and creativity. This 35-year history resulted in over 500 projects across the globe and more than 200 publications, many of which are regarded as ground-breaking.

Charles helps cities assess their potential afresh. He sees himself as a ‘critical friend’ to the cities he works with. He seeks to inspire, stimulate, challenge and facilitate. He combines a global perspective with an acute sense of what matters locally. 

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