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Star and Garter Vanessa Kisuule

Bristol City Poet
Vanessa Kisuule

Written by Vanessa Kisuule

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Vanessa Kisuule, Bristol City Poet, wrote and performed the following poem for the re-opening of the legendary Star and Garter in June 2019.

this is where we go
When all the other drinking holes call last orders,
then sweep us into the restless night, writhing
and reckless and ready for round two.
When you’re down on your luck, up for another,
looking for the last glug at the bottle,
one last wheel up from the DJ.

When our veins itch
for another song, another sip,
when all your mates wanna dip
but you’ve still got another in you.

When you want a cold one
Not in a gastro pub, or a pub/cafe,
Or a pub/cafe/barber,
Or a pub/cafe/barber/tattoo parlour/sloe gin distillery
When you want to be your simplest,
silliest, most sacred self.

When its too early to go home,
or there’s no home to go to
When you wanna skank with the city’s misfits
make good on the gospel of the baseline chaser
worship at the alter of a well stocked bar.

Where the DJ is your dad, the drop is your god,
where the party goes on as all the others stop.
Follow me to a little place we can go
on a humble little corner of Brook Road.

Header photo: Vanessa Kisuule at the birthday party for the Addison oak, 2019, as part of Homes for Heroes 100 (Evan Dawson).

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