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Bristol Poem Tamara Pullinger

Bristol City Poet
Aerial view of Bristol

Written by Tamara Pullinger

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Bristol City Poet Vanessa Kisuule has invited Bristolians to send in their own poems about the city. The first poem chosen for publishing on the website is by Tamara Pullinger.

Green city, green city,
Bikes and trees,
Green city, green city
Don’t litter, please.

I see pretty houses,
Blue and pink, yellow and red.
I see water, water, water,
We the Curious, Arnolfini, M-Shed.

There is a summer hum
Laughter, music, and fun.
The streets are bright,
And the whole city comes alive.

You may even see a student around,
Dragging their feet and looking down,
Studying hard and partying harder,
Having some drinks by the harbour.

And what would you say to someone new?
Surely not ‘How are you?’
Maybe, ‘Cheers Drive’ or ‘Gert Lush’
Probably not, ‘How do you do?’

Look at this city and you will see,
That Bristol is colour, music and, Banksy.
It’s rainy, it’s windy, and sunny too,
It’s them over there, and me and you.

Copyright Tamara Pullinger. Please note that this poem cannot be reproduced without permission of the author.

Header photo: Aerial view of Bristol (destination Bristol).

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