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James Baldwin 2024

James Baldwin 2024

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2024 marks the centenary of the birth of James Baldwin, one of the best, most passionate, honest, and committed writers of the 20th century.

Baldwin remains essential reading 26 years after his death. His novels and essays had huge impact in his time and are more relevant today than ever. He taught generations of readers and campaigners the realities of racism and how we might find ways forward.

Baldwin in Bristol

In partnership with arts and cultural organisations around the city, Bristol Ideas launched a series of films, spoken word events, performances and panel discussions to celebrate the life and work of James Baldwin ahead of the centenary of the birth of the great American writer and civil rights activist in 2024.

Ahead of James Baldwin’s 100th anniversary in 2024, Bristol Ideas joined forces with various arts and culture organisations around Bristol to host Baldwin in Bristol, a long weekend of events (19-22 October) around the city celebrating the life and work of the great writer. In partnership with american vicarious, Arnolfini, Bristol Old Vic, Raise the Bar, Watershed and Words of Colour.

Bristol Ideas will also publish 12 essays by writers with personal reflections on Baldwin’s life and work. Six of these will be featured by WritersMosaic in October. We are grateful to WritersMosaic for their grant to support our James Baldwin projects.

Photo credit: Buzzy Enterprises

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