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Festival of the Future City

Who Owns the City? Sheila Foster and Guy Standing

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Who owns the city? Who has the right to the city? How can we encourage all to participate in and help make future cities?

Sheila Foster (Georgetown University; co-director and chair, Advisory Committee, Global Parliament of Mayors) talks about the city as a commons and what we need to do to make our urban metropolitan environments more inclusive, democratic, and collaborative.

She is joined by writer Guy Standing whose new book, Plunder of the Commons: A Manifesto For Sharing Public Wealth, argues that successive governments have plundered all five types of commons – natural, social, civil, cultural and knowledge commons – by enclosure, austerity, privatisation and by colonisation, all of which have intensified inequalities. He argues for a Charter of the Commons to reverse those trends. 

Chaired by Romesh Vaitilingam.

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