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Festival of the Future City

Fighting for Equality Carrie Gracie

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Carrie Gracie joined a group of high-profile BBC women who challenged the national broadcaster over equal pay after enforced disclosures revealed huge gaps between top men and women.

Gracie had insisted on equal pay at the time of her China posting, and, after trying with other BBC women to put things right through negotiation, she eventually resigned her post complaining publicly of a ‘secretive and illegal’ pay culture. Her protest triggered a parliamentary inquiry into BBC pay, and after a protracted internal complaints process, she won an apology from the BBC and a settlement which she donated to the Fawcett Society.

In this event, Gracie tells her story, explores why it is often so difficult for women to assert their value in the workplace and gives practical guidance on what women, men and employers can do to achieve equality for this and future generations of women. The event is chaired by Jenny Lacey.

This event was part of the Festival of the Future City.

Photo: Jenny Lacey and Carrie Gracie; photographer Evan Dawson.

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