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Bristol 650

Bristol 650 Showcase and Book Launch

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Artists, organisations and collectives showcase the projects they are running as part of Bristol 650, the city’s 650th anniversary of becoming an independent county.

Bristol 650 marks the 650th anniversary of Bristol becoming an independent county when King Edward III granted important rights and privileges to Bristol by royal charter in 1373. Until this time, Bristol was divided geographically and administratively by the River Avon. The charter of 1373 gave Bristol and its suburbs jurisdiction independent from other county authorities, making it a county in its own right. The 600th anniversary, Bristol 600 in 1973, was marked with parades, commemorative memorabilia and a royal visit. The celebration is alive in the memories of many of the city’s older residents and in personal and institutional collections.

This event showcases projects that are being run as part of Bristol 650. Hear from Ruth Myers at Local Learning, who has been working with communities to create an illustrated atlas of the city and its stories; Tom Marshman, who has collected memories from people growing up in Bristol under Section 28; and Kate Foster at RWA about the incredible story of the Sharples women and their pivotal role in Bristol’s first art gallery.

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