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Joe Glenton Veteranhood

Working-Class Writers Festival

Bookhaus, Unit 4 Rope Walk, Bristol BS1 6ZJ  |  Free

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The working-class military veteran is claimed by all sides. Conservatives, liberals and socialists all want to speak about and for ex-servicemen, yet far-right demonstrations are dotted with berets and medals and ex-military men have become celebrities of the reactionary manosphere.

So who are Britain’s ex-servicemen? What do they want? What are their politics? What are the issues which animate them? Are they just irredeemable fascists by dint of their service to Empire? Or is there a radical political potential waiting to be unlocked?

Former soldier Joe Glenton takes us on a guided tour through ex-forces life at the heart of a dead empire as he attempts to demystify military culture, rescue the veteran from his captors, and discover if a more optimistic, humanist mode of veteranhood can be recovered from the ruins.

Joe will be in conversation with Darran McLaughlin, manager of Bookhaus.

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Joe Glenton is a journalist, film-maker and award-winning author. He was a British soldier from 2004 to 2010, serving in Afghanistan. He has written on defence, war and the military for Declassified UK, The Independent, The Guardian, VICE and others.

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