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People vs Plastics – Marking Earth Day in Sparks Bristol

Sparks Bristol

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Bristol Ideas joins Sparks in the fight against single-use plastics to mark Earth Day 2024.

20 April 14.00-16.00

Rethrindle presents Fashion Narratives for Fashion Revolution Week

Did you know that fashion waste is one of the leading causes of plastic waste? How do you engage with fashion? Fashion is about creative expression and being conscious of what we wear. This event aims to inspire all to engage with fashion without harming the planet or supporting exploitation. We’ll be talking about sustainable fashion, getting creative with clothes and being an active voice for change. Expect inspiring talks from people of Bristol’s sustainable fashion scene and a clothes swap to spruce up your wardrobe in a sustainable way.

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21 April 11.00-18.00

Films and birdhouse making

Make a birdhouse from plastic waste, watch inspiring films about actions taken around the world to combat plastic waste and share your ideas with visitors for reducing plastic waste in the home.

For a full programme of events at Sparks click here.

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